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Every organisation has a unique setup and we will work with you to understand your current systems within the framework of your organisational aims and objectives before recommending and implementing any upgrades, repairs or new systems – Which we will do prioritising a minimal disruption to your current requirements whilst still providing timely and reliable solutions.

We provide, configure and support:

  • Intranet Networks, Routers, Gateways and Servers.
  • Exchange Email Servers and Monitoring / Management.
  • File, Print, DNS, Active Directory Servers and Support.
  • Intranet Web, File, Print and Web Services Management.
  • Internet Web Servers, Hosting, and Database Management.

Generally, we like start with an initial consult to gain an understanding of your business and staff needs before delving into technical details, however, with that said – We do offer an immediate diagnosis and support service for critical systems that have misbehaved beyond the understanding of your regular lines of I.T. support.

If you have an idea or would like to start a discussion about what we can accomplish with you – For your current systems, or new ones, in-house or online for you and your staff, please call us for a chat, or drop us a message so that we can call you back for a chat, or to arrange a meeting.

We can implement our network security setup on your systems for you, offer upgrade routes or migrations from older servers, and provide bespoke technical services, such as systems and servers reinstallations, or network re-mapping and penetration testing.

We provide office inter-networking setups and upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, and performance testing, file and print services setup, and can configure and manage network domains, using your own specifications and installation media(s) as required.

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