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Technical Diagnostics

Our diagnostics range from user software, systems, and mobile devices to office intranets and remote servers.

We’re used to coming to a quick understanding of new systems and of tracing root causes of symptoms and faults.

We can usually quickly diagnose problems, as well as optional upgrade routes, and then offer insight into the best course of action to proceed with.

We will work remotely or on-site when needed to provide reliant, redundant and fault-tolerant technical solutions to problems.

In the ideal technical world a continuous deprecation and upgrade strategy can be useful for organisations needing to be keeping as up-to date as possible whilst still working within tight budgetary constraints.

We can help with this planning by providing a clear understanding of currents systems and their optional upgrade routes.

When in the less-than-idea technical world and there have been outages due to hardware, operating system, or application faults, we can also step in at short notice to provide hot-fixes and get critical systems ship-shape and back online in a timely fashion.

We are happy to provide diagnostics and support for..

  • Windows, Linux, MacOs, and Ios and Android operating systems.

  • Apache, MySQL, Internet Information Services and MsSQL servers.

  • Active Directory, Print and File servers, Firewalls and gateways.

  • Mobiles, laptops, tablets, home desktops, towers, and console systems.

  • TV / AV Equipment, home stereos, music and studio equipment.

  • Websites, internet and intranet servers, programming scripts and coding.

Maintenance and Repairs

  • PHP programming and scripting management.

  • Server migrations for websites and databases.

  • Bespoke ‘Add-ons’ for pre-existing websites.

  • IIS and Apache webservers management.

  • Windows and Linux web and database configs.

  • Working with 3rd party API’s and gateways.

Upgrades, and Performance-Tweaking

  • Domain name, DNS + Hosting Control Panel Management.

  • Email hosting setup and config for home and offices.

  • Content management systems management and updates.

  • Analytics setup and website / social user tracking.

  • Mailing lists and 3rd Party API services support.

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