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Regular maintenance for both hardware and software is a must for most tablets, mobiles, and laptops these days, much as it has always been for traditional desktop computers, gaming systems, and servers.

Our team is seasoned at combatting the ailments of technology, and have mastered the digital arts of ‘formatting and factory reset’, if all else fails ‘knowing where to hit it safely’ before breathing life back into it, or reliably declaring ‘beyond economical repair’.

We specialise in hardware and software performance-tweaking for serious hardcore gaming systems, as well as solid internet servers setup for web applications hosting, Voice-over-Internet, and other collaberative services.

We’re happy to provide secure and clean application and operating systems setups for office and business performance, offer technical advice on upgrades routes and repairs, or to have serious discussions about bleeding edge gaming without popping too much hardware. đŸ˜‰

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