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Website Design

A website’s design is key to impressing your brand and identity on your users.

The look and feel of a website in the first 15 seconds is the ‘make or break’ point for engaging new users, and a clear branding and design strategy from the get-go can often be critical for success on the web.

Our main web design services can be broken down as ‘Graphical design’ –

Animations, logo’s, and graphics that can be used on the social media, and the web as advertisements and ‘memes’;

and ‘Code design’ – Working with the underlying HTML and CSS coding of a webpage to improve its styling and readability.

These two main areas require very different skill-sets to implement and usually work hand-in-hand with one another,

and as such we normally like to discuss a design brief with you and get a clear idea of what is required before giving a quote,

however we can work on a ‘total site’, or an ‘ad-hoc’ page-by-page basis as you prefer.

Some example Website Design services we provide are:


  • Brand design for business identity or organisational events.

  • Leaflet or ‘meme’ design for A5 / posting on social media.

  • Website styling and brand management, social presentations.

  • Full website design through to a completed CMS theme package.

  • HTML newletter templating design and coding for email lists.

  • Logo and ‘Cover Page’ branding for Social sites such as FB.

Web Development

Web development covers all things that are not day-to-day management of a website domain.

Most systems these days are content-managed so Web development is rarely required, however if you need bespoke programming,

or are thinking about working with 3rd party API’s (such as payment gateways, Google Analytics, etc.), then development will be required.

We rarely get the chance to design and program a system from scratch and as such are fairly seasoned at working with systems left in various unexpected states of ‘repair’ by previous coders and developers,

and are apt at tracing bugs in more dated web software, and are experienced at migrations and upgrades to current, more reliable options.

Due to the difficult nature of the work normally involved and the wider skill-set needed to address all aspects of development, our web development costs more than our other services,

however we can turn our hands to most areas of Windows and Linux web dev, and the wide range of services we provide includes, but is not limited to:

  • PHP programming and scripting management.

  • Server migrations for websites and databases.

  • Bespoke ‘Add-ons’ for pre-existing websites.

  • IIS and Apache webservers management.

  • Windows and Linux web and database configs.

  • Working with 3rd party API’s and gateways.

Web2 Management

Behind-the-scenes management is required in a number of areas to keep an online presence functioning reliably.

‘Web2 management’ is the maintenance required to stay on top of your domain name registrations, d.n.s. updates, and email / hosting management for a standard website,

and beyond that, the api’s, accounts and maintenance required for more complex brands.

With most oneline brands having more than a static website Web2 management becomes complex as 3rd party sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and eBay need to be tied in for either on-site feeds,

or for ‘likes’ and authentication plug-ins.  If you run an eCommerce site, further regular management is often needed for products, prices, and payment gateway updates.

All of these tendrels of a ‘Web2’ site creates a dirth of extra accounts, irritating technical details, behind-the-scenes settings,

and occasional random annoying bugs, that we will keep functioning properly and playing nicely together,

so that you and your staff can continue to be concerned about promoting your actual content to your clients 24/7 – On a reliable, easy to use system.

  • Domain name, DNS + Hosting Control Panel Management.

  • Email hosting setup and config for home and offices.

  • Content management systems management and updates.

  • Analytics setup and website / social user tracking.

  • Mailing lists and 3rd Party API services support.

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