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I.C.T. Web Consultancy and Support

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I.C.T. and Web Consultancy and Support

With a variety of e-learning platforms and systems available it can be tricky knowing what to aim for with a collaborative or teaching system that is both secure and reliable - As well as ticks all the right boxes in terms of Privacy, Accessibility, Usability and Data Protection laws.

We can:

  • Offer one-to-one consultancy, management advice, and staff systems training workshops.

  • Enable you and your staff to take full advantage of the emerging Web2 whilst still maintaining your current levels of productivity.

  • Assist you in investigating the world of open-source licenses now available that offer competitive functionality for a fraction of the prices traditionally charged by corporate software licensing for education.

With a clear plan and concise advice from the get-go we can help you deliver a tailored software system (or workshops for systems that you already use) to your staff, students, and teachers that will leave them and you comfortable that everyone is getting the information they need when they need it, and guarantees they receive it in a manner they can access and engage with easily.

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